Terms and Conditions


Dear Bride

We are so excited that you have chosen The Lovers Bride to be a part of your wedding day and thrilled to have offered you a gown or accessory on your Wedding day. Here are some things we would like you to take note of:



If you would like to cancel your booking with The Lovers Bride we kindly ask for you to notify the team via info@theloversbride.com. If you notify us within 72 hours of your appointment start time we will be happy to refund your booking fee, please note that if notification is received within 72 hours your booking fee will not be funded. 

The Lovers Bride has the right to cancel your Private Bridal Appointment at anytime, if your appointment is cancelled by The Lovers Bride you will have your booking fee refunded 100% and confirmed within 5 to 10 days of your cancellation.



You have the right to cancel your order. Notification must be in writing and within 24 hours of your payment. Cancellation will incur an administration charge of £25.00 (GBP). After 24 hours, the payment received is non-refundable and non-transferable (see REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES).



Your 'Made to Order' Purchase Order is a non-refundable* or exchangeable transaction (post 24 hour cancellation period, see CANCELLATION OF ORDER). All The Lovers Bride purchase orders are for made to order items and cannot be refunded or exchanged.


*Under the extremely unique occasion that the garment or accessory fail to meet quality standards The Lovers Bride LTD will endeavour to resolve the issue. Upon inspection and review by The Lovers Bride LTD production or quality issues will be resolved by the garments production house or The Lovers Bride LTD house parties (for example alterations, specialist dry cleaning). If unresolvable by these parties a replacement garment will be offered. If a replacement garment cannot be offered due to production house limitations or timelines stated on the clients Purchase Order Invoice (wedding date) the client will be offered up to 50% RRP as long as the garment or accessory is returned** unaltered and undamaged and within 14 days of your garment or accessory being received via courier or declined during your collection appointment. Only complaints raised upon the first inspection of the garment and received within 48 hours of courier arrival or during your collection appointment will be valid. The Lovers Bride reserves the right to decline any resolve if the garment or accessory is returned altered or damaged. 


Please note that no replacement garment will be offered if the client declines our offer of alterations or service to resolve the issue. Similarly no refund will be offered if the client declines our offer of a replacement garment. All complaints will be reviewed, approved or declined by The Lovers Bride LTD. 


Under no circumstance can 'Made to Order' garments or accessories be refunded or exchanged due to sizing (see FITTINGS AND ALTERATIONS), change of mind, under complaints of design features that were present on the showroom sample at the time of your appointment or order description or under complaints of fabric/colour discrepancies which are natural to silk/delicate fibres. 


Acceptance will be deemed to have taken place if: The client tells us that they have accepted the goods, the client modifies, alters, damages the goods, or mistreats them in some way, 48 hours have elapsed since courier arrival or the client leaves the showroom with the goods.


**Any returns shipping should be covered by the client. The Lovers Bride does not take responsibility for any garment or accessory once within the clients possession, this includes any return shipping costs, damage or loss to the item while under resposibility of the client. 



All The Lovers Bride purchase orders are made to order items, all made to order items take between 16 to 32 weeks to construct and ship starting 24 hours from the POI Receipt date with accessory orders taking between 6 to 12 weeks. The brides unique POI Receipt will be sent (via email) within 24 hours of received payment.



PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SAMPLE SALE ITEMS ARE EX SHOWROOM SAMPLES, THOUGH IN EXCELLENT/GREAT/GOOD CONDITION GENTLE WEAR SHOULD BE EXPECTED. All online and instore sample sale orders are final AND CANNOT BE REFUNDED OR EXCHANGED. Please do not purchase a Sample Sale item if you are unsure or questioning design, SIZE, fit or item condition. 



The Lovers Bride garments are 'made to order' and not 'made to measure' with all items made to our designers unique standard size charts ranging from UK 4-16.

All our made to order gowns may require some alterations on arrival. Alterations can range from hem shortening to more extensive adjustments depending on your required look. All our designers make garments using standard sizing based on the measurements taken at the time of the dress order, The Lovers Bride does not take responsibilty for any client weight changes. Although we don't offer in-house alterations we do have a recommended seamstresses located in London to refer you to but you can of course also choose your own. Please note that we do not have any affiliations with any seamstresses and we don't receive payment from them.  Alterations are a separate cost from the cost of your garment. The Lovers Bride cannot be held responsible for any alteration work undertaken outside of the store.


The client is fully responsible for inspecting the completed garment or accessory at collection and for checking that the garment or accessory is in accordance with the original order, once the garment is in the clients possession The Lovers Bride takes no further responsibility for the item. If an item is shipped to the client complaints must be raised within 48 hours of the item being received, after 48 hours the garment is considered accepted (see REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES). The Lovers Bride does not take responsibility for any garment or accessory once WITHIN SHIPMENT OR ONCE within the clients possession, this includes any return shipping costs or damage to the item while under resposibility of the client.


Shipping outside of the united kingdom may reQUIRE import duties or custom tax ON ARRIVAL TO ITS DESTINATION COUNTRY. Payment of these duties and taxes are necessary to proceed with importation. These taxes or importation duties are the responsibility of the buyer and will need to be paid in order to release your shipment. Duties and taxes vary for different countries. Please CONSIDER PRIOR TO ORDERING OUTSIDE OF THE UK AND contact your local tax department for confirmation of tax levies.



All our designer garments and accessories are carefully constructed by hand. After your wedding day please be sure to have your garment dry-cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner who is confident in the care of such garments.

Please store gown out of direct sunlight. The majority of our gowns use 100% silk fabrics - due to the natural fibres used over time these fabrics can wear. It is recommended to have your garment vacuum sealed by a professional for longevity of the piece and to be kept as an heirloom.

Please note that silk is a natural fibre. The weave of the fabric may therefore contain minor variations and irregularities that are characteristics of fine silk yarn. These should in no way be considered as defects or production issues.



PLEASE NOTE: AnY order placed with The Lovers Bride LTD ONLINE OR IN STORE is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.